S3 Energy

S3 Energy is a leading solar company that provides optimum solutions and state-of-the-art technology in a cost-effective manner. The proven reliability of our offerings and the high quality of our products give your solar photovoltaic (PV) installations high efficiency and durability, even after years of usage. Our combiner boxes are rated as the best in the category by the industry leaders in solar. We have a diverse portfolio to cater to all Balance of System (BoS) applications in a solar power plant.

S3 Energy aspires to be a business leader in the solar industry with a sharp focus on reliability, world-class services, and enduring relationships with our partners and customers. We work on a model where business ethics and profitability thrive along with excellence and innovation.


To be the most trusted and preferred partner of solar industry customers and business leaders.


To be the market leader in solar plant monitoring, field junction boxes and mechanical structure segment for solar industry and developing customised solutions.

Core Values

We are guided by our strong belief in forging lasting relationships based on trust and a drive for mutual growth and success.
We lay our foundations in out-of-the-box thinking, intrinsic innovation, and driving creativity.


  1. To develop a strong and wide-cast base of satisfied customers and partners.
  2. To develop products and services to match the evolving business and technological benchmarks.
  3. To grow with more investment in assets and footprints of the company.
  4. To envisage a business model where our growth and success is shared with our customers and partners.
  5. To grow into a dynamic organisation with leadership position in the solar sector.
  6. To be increasingly customer oriented by adapting to customer requirements and expectations from us.