Our extensive manufacturing facility consists of both an Assembly shop and a Fabrication shop. Details are given below:


Assembly Shop

S3 follows international solar design innovations to deliver highly customisable solar solutions. Our combiner boxes, monitoring systems and mounting structures are designed and engineered to bring high system convergence. Our capacity for design customisation for all kind of solar projects meets diverse solar requirements.

At S3, we keenly adhere to global standards in manufacturing solar products with green and ethical practices. Our world-class solar equipment production facility is equipped with industry-leading technology, and is defined by professional workmanship. S3 is supported by partnerships with the most reputed solar companies globally.

Quality Check
S3 is known for its promise of quality workmanship in all of its solar products. The quality control systems are comprehensively and strictly enforced at every single production level.

We use the highest quality materials, sourced through our global supply chains, to ensure that our solar products and solutions generate value for decades to come. We have established quality management processes to ensure product compatibility, reliability and on-site assessment.


Fabrication shop

At S3, we have a state-of-the-art fabrication facility using advanced technology and equipment from leading suppliers and partners. Our fully automated and certified unit is equipped with world-class machinery from leading manufacturers.

This ensures the efficient use of space and personnel for maximised productivity. Our automated production processes help save personnel input by 50-70% and allow for custom designed solutions to meet different customer needs, thus realizing a low-cost, high-efficiency production line.

Metal Processing