S3 Energy offers a range of products with the latest technology and expertise that keep pace with the fast evolving solar technology and awareness worldwide. Technology has made solar accessible, and S3 Energy has been the leading channel in bringing that technology and expertise to everyone. Our products are broadly divided into three categories as follows:


  • DC Combiner Box
  • DC Protection Box
  • AC Combiner Panel
  • AC Disconnector Panel
  • AC Distribution Panel

Instrumentation & Communication

  • RS 485 Distribution Box
  • RS 485 Repeater Box
  • IO Box
  • RS 485 Wireless Module Box
  • Ethernet Wireless Module Box
Instrumentation _ Communication


  • Aluminum Shed Structure
  • GI Ground Mount Structure
  • Ballast Rooftop Structure
  • Light Weight Walkway
  • Modular Cable Tray

Detailed Description

DCAC Combiner Boxes

1.  DC/AC Combiner Boxes

  • DC combiner boxes are used as array junction boxes/string junction boxes to combine the current of multiple strings.
  • AC combiner boxes are used to combine the string inverter output before feeding the consolidated solar power to either the grid or the load.
ACDC Disconnect Boxes

2. AC/DC Disconnect Boxes

  • AC disconnect boxes are used to operate the solar plant disconnector from the grid/load manually.
  • DC disconnect boxes are used to isolate the DC power either from inverter/charge controller generated from solar PV panels or isolating the battery bank.
String Monitoring Boxes

3. String Monitoring Boxes

  • String monitoring boxes are used to monitor the health of the strings, either as a part of the DC Combiner or as an independent system.
AC Distribution Panels

4. AC Distribution Panels

  • AC distribution panels are used to distribute the auxiliary power supply in a solar plant to the utility device (fans, air conditioners, lights, etc.)
Ground Mounted Structure

5. Ground Mounted Structure

  • PV Panel Mounting Structure for utility scale projects.
Roof Mounted Structure

6. Roof Mounted Structure

  • Shed Type Rooftops
  • Ballast Mounted Structure
  • Anchored Structure