S3 Energy offers value-added solutions to meet the diverse requirements of customers and partners in commercial, institutional, industrial and residential sectors. We provide low-cost modular solutions with a reliable maintenance system. Broadly, our solutions are divided into two categories as follows:

Rooftop Solar PV Plant

  • String Monitoring Module
  • AC Protection Module
  • DC Array Monitoring
  • Plant Networking
  • Shed Structure
  • Flat Roof Structure
Rooftop Solar PV Plant

Ground Mount Solar PV Plant

  • Array Monitoring and Recombiner
  • Plant Networking and Monitoring
  • Module Mounting Structure
Ground Mount Solar PV Plant

Detailed Description

Plant Networking

1.  Plant Networking

A solar power plant has multiple devices (Inverter, SMU, WMS, etc.) communicating on either RS485 or ethernet networks. We offer a reliable communication network of field devices using multiple technologies (copper cable/fiber optics/wireless/GPRS, etc.) suitable to your installation.

Plant Monitoring

2. Plant Monitoring

We provide effective online monitoring of your solar power plant along with detailed performance analysis tools to efficiently manage your investment. The customer-specific solutions are developed for both utility scale project and rooftop projects. Specialised solutions are available for on-grid as well as off-grid solar PV plants.

Web Access

3. Web Access

Remote access is provided to your solar installation via the internet using computer or mobile devices for both green field and existing installations.

Modular Panel Mounting Structure

4. Modular Panel Mounting Structure

Modular structures are developed for your specialised PV panel mounting requirements which can be customised for your specific plant requirements.